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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

It's Been Awhile . . . So Shoot Me!

So I haven't written in here in what seems like forever, I mean atleast 3 weeks, easy. Anyways there has been quite a bunch of stuff going on, not bad persay but just stuff.
Last time I wrote in here I was either thinking about going out with Brad or I was, I don't remember, anyways the story with that is that he ended up liking me a lot more than I liked him. I mean I'm the kind of girl that if I actually want to go out with the guy then I'll try to make it work but in Brad's case, he said that he liked me and I just thought that I would take a shot at it and see what could happen, and withme, going into a relatioship half heartedly doesn't work.
Anyways, I don't really remember any specific details of that until December 17th, the night of my church's Christmas party (The high schoolers). I was getting ready and I was bored so I text this guy Andrew who my friend's boyfriend had introduced me to and asked what he was doing and if he wanted to go with me. He said that it'd be cool and that he could even give me some gas money (seeing that he lives off of Mt. Rose Highway!). I was also taking my friend Askley and I asked her if she could come with me to pick him up because I didn't want there to be any oppertunity for awkwardness and she said that it was cool. So I picked her up and then started on my way to pick Andrew up and it seemed like foever had passed by the time I got there. I felt kind of bad though because on the way back I was either singing with Ashley or talking with her so I didn't really give Andrew any chance to talk but then again at first he seemed shy.
So we ended up getting to church like 45 minutes late, but then again, that's just the way I am to things like these, and Ashley ran inside leaving me and Andrew together. I walked into the Youth Modular with Andrew following and the first person I saw was Karrington to my not surprise he said as I was giving him a hug "so who's the new boyfriend?" and I just said he's not my boyfriend and his name is Andrew. We hadn't been sitting down for more than 2 minutes when Ian (the jr. high pastor) said that he needed 4 groups of 2 for the next game that they were playing, and Andrew, shocking me by not being shy anymore, grabbed my hand and said, let's go. I was kind of in shock at how fast he opened up to the churchand decided, hey, what the heck, it can't be that bad. So I took off my heels and went into the middle of the floor with him and three other groups of two. Scott (the sr. high pastor) says that what we have to do is drink whatever he had in the bag and the point was to see who could eat it the fastest. Turns out that it's one of those pressurized spray bottles of whipcream, didn't sound too bad, not bad at all. So I shook up the can and just looked at Andrew and told him that I'll justs switch back and forth between spraying it in our mouths. 1...2...3...GO! And it started right then, to our stupidity it took us until half way through the bottle to realize that we could blow out the air before we try and swallow the whipped cream since the gas was filling up our stomachs. Anyways, I knew that we were doing a pretty good job and although I thouhgt that he was going to hurl up the whipped cream, we won, and by quite a lot might I add. Everyone was trying to find an excuse to how we cheated to win but no one could. We ended up winning two $2 gift certificates to baskin robbins (which I still haven't used).
As the night went on to the gift exchange weboth ended up getting pretty good gifts. Like I got the set of 3 candles with two little teacups and this saucer and a thing to go on top of the candle and then Andrew got a Dodger jersey which he was quite happy for.
After the gift exchange party everyone was pretty muc just hanging out and a lot of people left w/o cleaning up and me being me, decided that I would stay and help clean up, and Andrew helped too, since I was his ride home. After we picked up I took Ashley home and then set off to take Andrew home. On the way to his house he joked around about my country music and I told him that if he touched my radio, that he was going to pay for it, so he didn't. Anyways when I got there he asked if I wanted to go inside to meet his dad and get something to drink for the road, and I said sure, seeing that he said I would only be there for 10-15 minutes. I got something to drink and followed him up to his room and got on him about the CowBoys pictures he had up on his walls (seeing that I'm a Broncos fan) and then just sat down on his bed and we talked for a bit. As I was like mid word he leaned in and kissed me. Not just any old kiss, no this kiss was short yet passionate, soft yet rough, I don't really kjnow how to explain it, it was just the best kiss I've ever had and I knew right then and there that something was going to happen with that boy. I didn't want anything to happen that I might regret so after a couple minutes of kissing I said that I had to head home and he walked me out to my car where he left me with a goodbye kiss that left me wanting to stay just to be able to kiss him all night long.

I don't really remember what happend from then till New year's eve but for that night we went to this church get together at the Dorman's and just hung out there and played pool, and air hockey, and just talked, which was great.The best part about the whole night is that when everyone was counting down the last 10 seconds of 2005, Andrew pulled me close and as the clock hit midnight he looked at me and said, "Happy New Year Baby, this is perfect" and then kissed me, with his soft warm lips that make me never want to stop.

I haven't seen him since then and yet it seems like forever when really it's only been a couple of days. We're supposed to hang out this week, maybe even tomorrow but I don't know what to do, I mean my family is extremely short on money, like I mean all of our credit cards are maxed out and we even had to take out money from our savings for my mom and I to go out to dinner tonight. Anyways I don't want to bring this whole blogg to an emotional turn so I guess I'll just end this by saying that all of his friends, including one of mine that used to be his but doesn' t like him anymore, have said that he's never treated a girl like me before and that you can tell that he really cares about me.
OH! and another thing that I must write: I guess he was talking to his mom about me and she asked if he liked being single better or being together with me and he thought about it for a bit and said that although he loves to be single because he's not tied down and doesn't have any drama, that he actually doesn't know which he likes better because he said that I don't tie him down, I don't cause him drama and he can't stop thiking about me.

I think I'm falling . . . maybe a little too fast . . . heart, just be ready, just incase you finally reach the bottom.

Yours turly

Saturday, November 26, 2005

I have relationship ADD

I honestly think that I have raletionship ADD. If you read the blogg from yesterday and then you read this, it will confirm it. Anyways, I was told recently by this guy that I give rides home too that he's liked me since 7th grade (I'm a junior now). I asked him why he hadn't told me before and he just blaintly said that he thought that I wouldn't talk to him anymore. Anyways, he texted me and asked me to go ice skating with him tonight which I gladly replied with "I'd love to" and he insists on paying for me. But it's not just a one on one date, his family and cousin are going so I'm pretty sure that it's going to be alot of fun! Not to mention the fact that I haven't been Ice skating for about 3 years! Atleast he plays ice hockey so he can help me skate which will be cute! I really can't wait for tonight!!! It's going to be soo much fun! I gotta look really cute for it too, but then again how cute can a girl look when she has like 3 layers on? I will definately try!!

Friday, November 25, 2005

Placement Issue

Today started off bright and early at 6:20 so that my dad and I could get the kids ready for day-care. Today was when I went to the Jeep dealership to see why my Jeep's being special. It turns out that Jeeps are really temperamental and since I killed my battery in Galena, my battery is weak and Jeeps run funny when you have a weak battery. So now my parents have to buy me a new battery.
Taking Christmas down, or putting it up rather, was okay except when I was on the ladder about 2 from the very top, my dad came out into the garage and tipped the ladder to like a 45* angle and I had to practically fall to get doing without dyeing! (I hate heights!) Mom's putting the tree in the kitchen and the table in the living room this year and I REALLY don't like that idea.
So Tim and I were supposed to double with Erin and Matt but Tim bailed on me so Erin said that I'm not aloud to talk to him anymore, which could be for the best. Anywho, I definitely felt like the odd man out or the 3rd wheel when we couldn't figure out something to do and I didn't want to go home (it was like 5:45) and then we decided to go bowling. And even during the 2nd game there was this group of 2 guys and 3 girls that came and started to bowl next to us and the guy without a girlfriend was really good looking. It seemed that everyone around me had a boyfriend and was all cute about it. :'(
Here I am with no boyfriend and Erin has a boyfriend & a guy on the side! How does that work? It just really bugs me because Erin's boyfriend is so sweet to her, even though it seems he doesn't like me. I've told her like 3x that I'm jealous of what they have and then she says that they have problems. Well to me a problem in a relationship is usually mutual and is about something that relatively stupid but with Erin, her and her boyfriend have problems because he doesn't trust her and she continuously cheats on him. All I hope is that when her boyfriend finds out, he won't be as sad as I'm pretty sure he will be. Grrrrrrrrrrrr! I don't know what to do, I mean going over with Erin to "side-boys" place is cool if his really cute roommate is there because what happened today was stupid and I hated it.
After bowling, Matt dropped Erin and me off at my Jeep and Erin Drove. We went to "side-boy"'s place and she wrote on his window that we were there and that she had a hot friend(me). Then we drove around and she almost flipped my Jeep. Then we went to Walmart to buy more window markers since I only had one.
After awhile we went back to his place and she knocked on the door and he was there so we went in and hung out on his couch watching Bernie Mack and the Fosters' while he was drinking a 32 of miller high life and she kept taking it and drinking some too. Then she said something about how messy his room was last time so she went into his room and I immediately took the keys out of her purse because I don't really mind being around people that drink but I don't care how much they drink whether it's a sip or a 3 32's I don't like people driving my car if they have any alcohol in them, let alonedrive someone else's car. I mean people shouldn't drive any car if they have drank anything. Anyways, I had to be home by 11 and so I thought we'd leave there by 10:35 because I still had to drop Erin off and I wasn't really in a good mood (I mean Erin's boyfriend is soo nice!) So I told Erin that I would go out and start my car and she actually got up and went out to my Jeep with me and I unlocked my door and hers and she threw her stuff in the car and said, "Would you absolutely hate me if I went back?" and with absolutely no expression I returned with, "I'm used to it." And of course she went back (The only good part is that my Jeep had time to warm up). Then she got back in to my Jeep and said, "He has a girlfriend, I couldn't stay because she's coming over right now," wanting the sympathy that I didn't give her I said, " I don't see why that would bother you, I mean you're doing the same thing." By then she could tell that something was wrong and so she asked and I said," Matt's a really sweet guy and . . . nevermind." and she came back with "yeah, I know" to which I automatically said, "obviously you don't" And then ride home from there was completely and utterly silence, except for Savage Garden playing loudly. We got to her house and I dropped her off and didn't really say much.
On the way home I didn't know what to do, I was kind of panicking because I didn't know what to do with all of the feelings that were rushing inside of me. I knew exactly who I could call, My best friend Jeff. (Gosh I love that guy) I told him about the whole thing but I didn't say any names eventhough he could tell who I was talking about. I kept talking to him for like a half hour when I just thought that I would let him go to sleep and I would write in my journal, which I obviously did.

Thursday, November 24, 2005


Yesterday was a lot of fun! I was supposed to hang out with Tim but he didn't call, (He says that he left his cell phone at his house when he went to his friends house). Since he didn't call I drove over to the mall and hung out with Erin while she worked but she sent me away to go buy her face wash (which I got the wrong one) and my mom had given me a $40 gift card for Best Buy so I went an bought 3 CDs:
~Savage Garden
~Journey's Greatest hits
~Pussy Cat Dolls
As I was waiting in the parking lot for her to get off my friend James called me and wanted me to come over so I text Erin and told her where I'd be going because he lived off of 7th, which she did too, and I drove over there. You see James really likes me, I've actually been told that I was his first crush and he still likes me eventhough he has a girlfriend. Anyways, I went overthere and talked a bit and then Erin called and I was talking to her while she was driving over to his house to meet up with me. When Erin got there, he had his arms wrapped around me and I was kind of laying beside him on the couch. Erin could tell by the way I was looking at her that I didn't like him as much as he liked me.
Anyways, we left there and then went over to see if Elliot was home, well actually she wrote on his car window and put her number on the reciept for the movies that we got (Out COld and Without A Paddle). She wanted to go see if he was actually home but I thought that it would be a bda Idea considering what had happened earlier with him (not mentioning it) so we drove off and she brought up the idea of turing around to see him and asked me "A or B" and I said "B" which was to not turn around. I waited a second and said "I ment A!" So we turned around and went to his apartment and knocked on the door and it turned out that he wasn't there after all but one of his roomates answered the door and besides what Erin said, I think he was good looking, especially his smile and his eyes, not to mention he did a body check on me and smiled. So I just hope that sometime this weekend she wants to go see Elliot and his roomate is there so we can all 4 hang out together, maybe even go hot tubbing! Ya never know!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


A lot has happened since the last time I wrote. First off we lost the game to Hug 19-16 all because of an interception. I don't think that there were 5 dry eyes on our side of the field. There's even a picture of Jeff on crying. I even cried. It just goes to show how much these games really mean to these boys, especially the boys.
Then on Sunday me and mom went to the mall and bought pajamas for the whole family, I can't wait till Christmas Eve to wear them!
And then you have Tim. I never really thought that I would ever talk to him but we've been talking and now we're going to the movies tomorrow. I want to go to the museum too but who knows. I'm nervous and excited all at the same time but it's weird because he's Teen's age. It's also weird how he first took intrest in me because of boht of us liking the Broncos. He's a little obsessed but that's okay because atleast it's the Broncos instead of the Raiders or something like that.
Sunday at Bible study we talked about stress and what we can do to stop it and what causes it. Anyways it felt really good to just have someone there to listen to you. I don't know, I just feel like I can't talk to my mom about the things that stress me out becuase it feels like if I tell her thn she'll stress out about me stressing. GRR!!!
Justine's coming home tomorrow!!!! I'm soo happy!!!! And she's going to be home all weekend. I wonder if we're going to do the whole after Thanksgiving sale freebies thing or not, seeing that we have the kids now.
I can't wait till Christmas! I really want to go caroling but I don't know who all to do it with. I remember going caroling back in grade school and having that one guy ask us to be in the newspaper but we had to say no because mom told us to. Soo many people thought that Teen and I were twins. You never realize how much someone means to you until they leave and go off to college, regardless if they're like 2 hours away. College is only 2 years away and I'm still not sure what I want to major and minor in. I was thinking I'd major in genetics and minor in pottery.

Friday, November 18, 2005


Well today started off okay. I spilled grape juice in my room so I had to clean it up and didn't have time to curl my hair so I'll just have to do that after school. I got gas before school so now I have a 3/4 tank! Woo Hoo!!! I loving having gas, it makes me feel like I could go fast!!! But then when I have 1/4 tank I feel like I can't go fast because I'll not have enough gas to get me till mom gives me more $. :'(
Anyways, about the game tonight, I can't wait! I'm sooooooo flippin excited!!!! I really do think that I'm the only cheerleader who actually cares about football. I mean I almost cried last game when they took away a touchdown. I wish we could have those boxes to stand on so we could actually see the game instead of looking at football player's butt's, which I don't mind too much but still, I'd much rather watch the game.
I reallt hope we win the game tonight. Our boys deserve it, I mean 10-0 is pretty dang great if you ask me! These boys have a lot of heart and determination, granted the Hug boys are bigger than ours. I just think that the best team with the most school spirit should win. And Lord knows we've got spirit! If we do end up going to Vegas for semi-finals, I hope we (cheerleaders) get to go and if not, I hope that mom and dad will let me go w/ Dianne. I want to be there for my team!!!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Start Of Something Great

So I've decided that I"m going to start a journal. I've wanted to for awhile and I think that it would be a good way to get things out that I don't want to tell anyone. So Kyle is really annoying, he can't understand that I don't want to go out with him or have anything to do with him. Like he text me today during chem saying "So, What's up?" like everything was okay. Guys are sooo thick headed!!! They don't understand that girls want to be seen with you and to have people know your going out by how you act around them, not just telling them. Girls want to have someone there to cuddle with when they need someone there, to hae someone remember their birthday and make a big deal out of it, make the girl feel like she's the most important person in the world.
I know that they say that if you feel the need to have a boyfriend that you're supposed to look at your relationship with Christ. Granted God has someone out there who will give me waht I want and need to make me happy. But Lord knows how completely impatient I am. It's just so hard seeing people like Sabina and Tim together makes me so jealous!
Another thing that's annoying me is that I've applied at Sears, Shorko, and Scraps (wow all S's) and I haven't heard anything!!! I hate asking mom and dad for $money$, I just want to be able to not not (yes I ment that) do something because I have to ask my parents for $money$.
Enough about the vague things. Today I went to UNR with Erin for 2 (well 1 1/2) of her classes, really random but it was fun. Their are a lot of good-looking guys in college. College is so laid back but I'm debating if that's a good thing or a bad thing
Good Reasons:
~Not so much drama
~People are less judgemental
~Less classes a day = not hw in every class everyday

Bad Reasons:
~I'm a hands on kind of person who likes class discussions and would probably go crazy w/o being able to voice my opinion
~Not someone there to make sure you do things that need to be done and on time

Anyways, after class we went to Matt's house and cleaned and ordered pizza. But you see, when Erin and I got there Shane was leaving so I thought everything was cool. You see, Shane is someone who Erin brought for me on our double-dated-camping-trip @ Boca. Let's just say that it was cold and we slept in the back of my Jeep and then the morning was awakwardly filled with me wanting their to be some kind of a realtionship and him saying some stupid line about him not wanting a relationship. He said that if something is supposed to happen we'll cross paths again. The point is that Matt went to go get the pizza and he came back with Pizza and SHANE! I tried to act like I didn't care and even got him an iced tea. I pretty much ignored him the rest of the time I was there. But who knows? What I do know is that I'm going to play it cool when we are both there.

Saturday, October 30, 2004

Cheerleaders Get Grounded Too

Sometimes I make decisions without thinking. That's what happened 2weeks ago tonight. After our game at Reed I decided to go to Pizza Plus (which I'm not supposed to go to). That's not the reason why I'm grounded. While I was there I gave my friend Joe a hug and told him that I missed him since I hadn't talked to him in a while. He wanted to go home and change since pretty much anyone with football jersey on was in danger of getting into a fight. Since he lived within walking distance I decided to go with him and talk. We go there and his friend Logan came over and since I've had the hots for him for a while, I decided to stay there a while eventhough I was only supposed to be there for about 15 minutes. Logan was sore from the game so I gave him a back rub for about an hour. Not to my likeings, we didn't even kiss. I finally went back to Pizza Plus around 11:55 and my friend was the last one there so she was pretty pissed. Logan and Joe wanted me to lie to her and tell her that they were going to give me a ride home but not actually drive me home, just hang out but I did the only right thing all night, I went home. When I opened the door of my house my mom was standing right there and she wasn't happy since I had missed my curfew by 2 hours so I got grounded.