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Saturday, October 30, 2004

Cheerleaders Get Grounded Too

Sometimes I make decisions without thinking. That's what happened 2weeks ago tonight. After our game at Reed I decided to go to Pizza Plus (which I'm not supposed to go to). That's not the reason why I'm grounded. While I was there I gave my friend Joe a hug and told him that I missed him since I hadn't talked to him in a while. He wanted to go home and change since pretty much anyone with football jersey on was in danger of getting into a fight. Since he lived within walking distance I decided to go with him and talk. We go there and his friend Logan came over and since I've had the hots for him for a while, I decided to stay there a while eventhough I was only supposed to be there for about 15 minutes. Logan was sore from the game so I gave him a back rub for about an hour. Not to my likeings, we didn't even kiss. I finally went back to Pizza Plus around 11:55 and my friend was the last one there so she was pretty pissed. Logan and Joe wanted me to lie to her and tell her that they were going to give me a ride home but not actually drive me home, just hang out but I did the only right thing all night, I went home. When I opened the door of my house my mom was standing right there and she wasn't happy since I had missed my curfew by 2 hours so I got grounded.


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