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Friday, November 18, 2005


Well today started off okay. I spilled grape juice in my room so I had to clean it up and didn't have time to curl my hair so I'll just have to do that after school. I got gas before school so now I have a 3/4 tank! Woo Hoo!!! I loving having gas, it makes me feel like I could go fast!!! But then when I have 1/4 tank I feel like I can't go fast because I'll not have enough gas to get me till mom gives me more $. :'(
Anyways, about the game tonight, I can't wait! I'm sooooooo flippin excited!!!! I really do think that I'm the only cheerleader who actually cares about football. I mean I almost cried last game when they took away a touchdown. I wish we could have those boxes to stand on so we could actually see the game instead of looking at football player's butt's, which I don't mind too much but still, I'd much rather watch the game.
I reallt hope we win the game tonight. Our boys deserve it, I mean 10-0 is pretty dang great if you ask me! These boys have a lot of heart and determination, granted the Hug boys are bigger than ours. I just think that the best team with the most school spirit should win. And Lord knows we've got spirit! If we do end up going to Vegas for semi-finals, I hope we (cheerleaders) get to go and if not, I hope that mom and dad will let me go w/ Dianne. I want to be there for my team!!!


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