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Thursday, November 24, 2005


Yesterday was a lot of fun! I was supposed to hang out with Tim but he didn't call, (He says that he left his cell phone at his house when he went to his friends house). Since he didn't call I drove over to the mall and hung out with Erin while she worked but she sent me away to go buy her face wash (which I got the wrong one) and my mom had given me a $40 gift card for Best Buy so I went an bought 3 CDs:
~Savage Garden
~Journey's Greatest hits
~Pussy Cat Dolls
As I was waiting in the parking lot for her to get off my friend James called me and wanted me to come over so I text Erin and told her where I'd be going because he lived off of 7th, which she did too, and I drove over there. You see James really likes me, I've actually been told that I was his first crush and he still likes me eventhough he has a girlfriend. Anyways, I went overthere and talked a bit and then Erin called and I was talking to her while she was driving over to his house to meet up with me. When Erin got there, he had his arms wrapped around me and I was kind of laying beside him on the couch. Erin could tell by the way I was looking at her that I didn't like him as much as he liked me.
Anyways, we left there and then went over to see if Elliot was home, well actually she wrote on his car window and put her number on the reciept for the movies that we got (Out COld and Without A Paddle). She wanted to go see if he was actually home but I thought that it would be a bda Idea considering what had happened earlier with him (not mentioning it) so we drove off and she brought up the idea of turing around to see him and asked me "A or B" and I said "B" which was to not turn around. I waited a second and said "I ment A!" So we turned around and went to his apartment and knocked on the door and it turned out that he wasn't there after all but one of his roomates answered the door and besides what Erin said, I think he was good looking, especially his smile and his eyes, not to mention he did a body check on me and smiled. So I just hope that sometime this weekend she wants to go see Elliot and his roomate is there so we can all 4 hang out together, maybe even go hot tubbing! Ya never know!


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