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Friday, November 25, 2005

Placement Issue

Today started off bright and early at 6:20 so that my dad and I could get the kids ready for day-care. Today was when I went to the Jeep dealership to see why my Jeep's being special. It turns out that Jeeps are really temperamental and since I killed my battery in Galena, my battery is weak and Jeeps run funny when you have a weak battery. So now my parents have to buy me a new battery.
Taking Christmas down, or putting it up rather, was okay except when I was on the ladder about 2 from the very top, my dad came out into the garage and tipped the ladder to like a 45* angle and I had to practically fall to get doing without dyeing! (I hate heights!) Mom's putting the tree in the kitchen and the table in the living room this year and I REALLY don't like that idea.
So Tim and I were supposed to double with Erin and Matt but Tim bailed on me so Erin said that I'm not aloud to talk to him anymore, which could be for the best. Anywho, I definitely felt like the odd man out or the 3rd wheel when we couldn't figure out something to do and I didn't want to go home (it was like 5:45) and then we decided to go bowling. And even during the 2nd game there was this group of 2 guys and 3 girls that came and started to bowl next to us and the guy without a girlfriend was really good looking. It seemed that everyone around me had a boyfriend and was all cute about it. :'(
Here I am with no boyfriend and Erin has a boyfriend & a guy on the side! How does that work? It just really bugs me because Erin's boyfriend is so sweet to her, even though it seems he doesn't like me. I've told her like 3x that I'm jealous of what they have and then she says that they have problems. Well to me a problem in a relationship is usually mutual and is about something that relatively stupid but with Erin, her and her boyfriend have problems because he doesn't trust her and she continuously cheats on him. All I hope is that when her boyfriend finds out, he won't be as sad as I'm pretty sure he will be. Grrrrrrrrrrrr! I don't know what to do, I mean going over with Erin to "side-boys" place is cool if his really cute roommate is there because what happened today was stupid and I hated it.
After bowling, Matt dropped Erin and me off at my Jeep and Erin Drove. We went to "side-boy"'s place and she wrote on his window that we were there and that she had a hot friend(me). Then we drove around and she almost flipped my Jeep. Then we went to Walmart to buy more window markers since I only had one.
After awhile we went back to his place and she knocked on the door and he was there so we went in and hung out on his couch watching Bernie Mack and the Fosters' while he was drinking a 32 of miller high life and she kept taking it and drinking some too. Then she said something about how messy his room was last time so she went into his room and I immediately took the keys out of her purse because I don't really mind being around people that drink but I don't care how much they drink whether it's a sip or a 3 32's I don't like people driving my car if they have any alcohol in them, let alonedrive someone else's car. I mean people shouldn't drive any car if they have drank anything. Anyways, I had to be home by 11 and so I thought we'd leave there by 10:35 because I still had to drop Erin off and I wasn't really in a good mood (I mean Erin's boyfriend is soo nice!) So I told Erin that I would go out and start my car and she actually got up and went out to my Jeep with me and I unlocked my door and hers and she threw her stuff in the car and said, "Would you absolutely hate me if I went back?" and with absolutely no expression I returned with, "I'm used to it." And of course she went back (The only good part is that my Jeep had time to warm up). Then she got back in to my Jeep and said, "He has a girlfriend, I couldn't stay because she's coming over right now," wanting the sympathy that I didn't give her I said, " I don't see why that would bother you, I mean you're doing the same thing." By then she could tell that something was wrong and so she asked and I said," Matt's a really sweet guy and . . . nevermind." and she came back with "yeah, I know" to which I automatically said, "obviously you don't" And then ride home from there was completely and utterly silence, except for Savage Garden playing loudly. We got to her house and I dropped her off and didn't really say much.
On the way home I didn't know what to do, I was kind of panicking because I didn't know what to do with all of the feelings that were rushing inside of me. I knew exactly who I could call, My best friend Jeff. (Gosh I love that guy) I told him about the whole thing but I didn't say any names eventhough he could tell who I was talking about. I kept talking to him for like a half hour when I just thought that I would let him go to sleep and I would write in my journal, which I obviously did.


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