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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

It's Been Awhile . . . So Shoot Me!

So I haven't written in here in what seems like forever, I mean atleast 3 weeks, easy. Anyways there has been quite a bunch of stuff going on, not bad persay but just stuff.
Last time I wrote in here I was either thinking about going out with Brad or I was, I don't remember, anyways the story with that is that he ended up liking me a lot more than I liked him. I mean I'm the kind of girl that if I actually want to go out with the guy then I'll try to make it work but in Brad's case, he said that he liked me and I just thought that I would take a shot at it and see what could happen, and withme, going into a relatioship half heartedly doesn't work.
Anyways, I don't really remember any specific details of that until December 17th, the night of my church's Christmas party (The high schoolers). I was getting ready and I was bored so I text this guy Andrew who my friend's boyfriend had introduced me to and asked what he was doing and if he wanted to go with me. He said that it'd be cool and that he could even give me some gas money (seeing that he lives off of Mt. Rose Highway!). I was also taking my friend Askley and I asked her if she could come with me to pick him up because I didn't want there to be any oppertunity for awkwardness and she said that it was cool. So I picked her up and then started on my way to pick Andrew up and it seemed like foever had passed by the time I got there. I felt kind of bad though because on the way back I was either singing with Ashley or talking with her so I didn't really give Andrew any chance to talk but then again at first he seemed shy.
So we ended up getting to church like 45 minutes late, but then again, that's just the way I am to things like these, and Ashley ran inside leaving me and Andrew together. I walked into the Youth Modular with Andrew following and the first person I saw was Karrington to my not surprise he said as I was giving him a hug "so who's the new boyfriend?" and I just said he's not my boyfriend and his name is Andrew. We hadn't been sitting down for more than 2 minutes when Ian (the jr. high pastor) said that he needed 4 groups of 2 for the next game that they were playing, and Andrew, shocking me by not being shy anymore, grabbed my hand and said, let's go. I was kind of in shock at how fast he opened up to the churchand decided, hey, what the heck, it can't be that bad. So I took off my heels and went into the middle of the floor with him and three other groups of two. Scott (the sr. high pastor) says that what we have to do is drink whatever he had in the bag and the point was to see who could eat it the fastest. Turns out that it's one of those pressurized spray bottles of whipcream, didn't sound too bad, not bad at all. So I shook up the can and just looked at Andrew and told him that I'll justs switch back and forth between spraying it in our mouths. 1...2...3...GO! And it started right then, to our stupidity it took us until half way through the bottle to realize that we could blow out the air before we try and swallow the whipped cream since the gas was filling up our stomachs. Anyways, I knew that we were doing a pretty good job and although I thouhgt that he was going to hurl up the whipped cream, we won, and by quite a lot might I add. Everyone was trying to find an excuse to how we cheated to win but no one could. We ended up winning two $2 gift certificates to baskin robbins (which I still haven't used).
As the night went on to the gift exchange weboth ended up getting pretty good gifts. Like I got the set of 3 candles with two little teacups and this saucer and a thing to go on top of the candle and then Andrew got a Dodger jersey which he was quite happy for.
After the gift exchange party everyone was pretty muc just hanging out and a lot of people left w/o cleaning up and me being me, decided that I would stay and help clean up, and Andrew helped too, since I was his ride home. After we picked up I took Ashley home and then set off to take Andrew home. On the way to his house he joked around about my country music and I told him that if he touched my radio, that he was going to pay for it, so he didn't. Anyways when I got there he asked if I wanted to go inside to meet his dad and get something to drink for the road, and I said sure, seeing that he said I would only be there for 10-15 minutes. I got something to drink and followed him up to his room and got on him about the CowBoys pictures he had up on his walls (seeing that I'm a Broncos fan) and then just sat down on his bed and we talked for a bit. As I was like mid word he leaned in and kissed me. Not just any old kiss, no this kiss was short yet passionate, soft yet rough, I don't really kjnow how to explain it, it was just the best kiss I've ever had and I knew right then and there that something was going to happen with that boy. I didn't want anything to happen that I might regret so after a couple minutes of kissing I said that I had to head home and he walked me out to my car where he left me with a goodbye kiss that left me wanting to stay just to be able to kiss him all night long.

I don't really remember what happend from then till New year's eve but for that night we went to this church get together at the Dorman's and just hung out there and played pool, and air hockey, and just talked, which was great.The best part about the whole night is that when everyone was counting down the last 10 seconds of 2005, Andrew pulled me close and as the clock hit midnight he looked at me and said, "Happy New Year Baby, this is perfect" and then kissed me, with his soft warm lips that make me never want to stop.

I haven't seen him since then and yet it seems like forever when really it's only been a couple of days. We're supposed to hang out this week, maybe even tomorrow but I don't know what to do, I mean my family is extremely short on money, like I mean all of our credit cards are maxed out and we even had to take out money from our savings for my mom and I to go out to dinner tonight. Anyways I don't want to bring this whole blogg to an emotional turn so I guess I'll just end this by saying that all of his friends, including one of mine that used to be his but doesn' t like him anymore, have said that he's never treated a girl like me before and that you can tell that he really cares about me.
OH! and another thing that I must write: I guess he was talking to his mom about me and she asked if he liked being single better or being together with me and he thought about it for a bit and said that although he loves to be single because he's not tied down and doesn't have any drama, that he actually doesn't know which he likes better because he said that I don't tie him down, I don't cause him drama and he can't stop thiking about me.

I think I'm falling . . . maybe a little too fast . . . heart, just be ready, just incase you finally reach the bottom.

Yours turly


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